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Welcome to ENTScope! We are Renee Liu, Erin Jing Xue and Stephanie Fong. The reason why we created this site is that we want to cut down the information inequality between the Chinese and American entertainment and media industry and bring more insights to both sides. With the entertainment industry showing a tendency toward globalization, Chinese investors are flooding into Hollywood. American giants of the entertainment field are also seeking cooperative opportunities to expand its international market. By reporting emerging trends on both sides and providing our own opinions, we aim to help our readers keep up with the market development and cope with new changes.


Hi I am Renee, a girl who is currently studying at USC and working toward my master of communication management. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree from Sun Yat-sen University in Finance. I am also a CFA Level 1 candidate. During my previous working experience, I worked across the media, entertainment, investment and finance industry. I wish I could raise up some questions worth thinking about and provide valuable insights through this blog. Hope you guys can be harvested from our works!


Erin is a logical thinker. As a data analyst and content strategist, she is particularly interested in offering market research and analysis for the Chinese movie market and Chinese social media. Her specific expertise includes Chinese teenage-dominated subculture market, Chinese IP movies, and social media marketing.


Stephanie is an aspiring marketer with a penchant for social media strategy. As she stands at the crossroads of identity, she strives to understand how people perceive the world and participates in different systems of shared knowledge. When she isn’t writing for ENTscope, you can find her hanging out with her Bichon Frisé.

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Insights into the Chinese and American Entertainment Industries

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