ERIN J. XUE, ENTscope Staff Writer

Many know WeChat as a Chinese version of Messenger or WhatsApp. But have you ever heard of WeChat Official Accounts? For the majority of Americans, this may be a hidden land of marketing worth tens of hundreds of millions of dollars in marketing value.

Over 0.6 billion active users: indispensable WeChat

Actually, this is a very effective way of marketing- you have loyal and highly active users, and you get free advertising platforms. As long as you know the nuances of marketing, the conversion rate can reach as high as 200%- technically, you can reach the entire Chinese population because of the sharing feature. There were tons of successful cases before.

According to Tencent, the developer of WeChat, the number of ACTIVE users have reached 0.65 billion since September 2015. In other words, over half of the Chinese people are active WeChat users- That’s basically everyone, besides those who are too young to have a phone or too old to know how to use a smart phone. Around 94% of users reported that they log into WeChat everyday, and 36% people are heavy WeChat users with over 30 times of logging per day. Over 50% users spent more than one hour on WeChat chatting or reading articles on official accounts.

Official account overview

The WeChat official account is “hidden”, only when you start to subscribe or search for some specific official accounts. If it’s hard to understand, just think about Youtube channels or Facebook Pages, where you need to search for information, or click through the links that’s directing to the info page, to subscribe. You can find it in the contacts tab> (on top) official accounts.


This only allows you to get access to other official accounts. To build your own WeChat account, please click this link and move to the Tencent application page.

Now you are all set!

You may wait for 9-15 days to get your approval. Once you get the permission, you can start your first post right away! You can try posting in Chinese, but it wouldn’t hurt if you only post in English- There are a few English accounts on the platform already.

Some other marketing tips regarding the content include:

  • Use an attractive headline
  • keep the article short, but with as many images as possible.
  • Add videos if possible. Don’t worry about the loading time, because WeChat has a special plug-in to optimize the size of uploaded video and keep it in a reasonable time without any significant bouncing rate

Have Fun with your posting! If you have any questions towards how to build an official account, or want to learn more about it, please don’t hesitate to contact us! OR get more information at

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